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Gemini could be the perfect journalist, TV or radio presenter, columnist, salesperson, or literary or travel agent. Gemini has charisma, but can occasionally come across as superficial, fickle, or careless, even ruthless, dropping people and projects once they lose interest, which Gemini can do quite suddenly. But once truly committed, they are intensely loyal to their friends and loved ones. I had a strange night night before last, on Friday night. Which is it? I said to myself, eh? Shuffled again, pulled another card and drew the 3 Spades again. The card felt too remote to be personal, but I had also done a fairly intense client reading earlier in the day, and I spent an unsettled night.

Peculiar dreams. Yesterday, Saturday, we had the plumber in. He was in a high speed car accident near Seville, driving, it is thought, at kph when he was killed shortly before midday yesterday. Wish card, but then I drew an extra card. Put it back in the deck, shuffled again…3 Spades again.

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Oh no. Like it was waiting to happen. Like it was destiny. Truly weird and awful. But something was already present in the ether, sufficiently that a card enabled me to access some vibration on an invisible thread. Or else it was a complete and meaningless coincidence. You can decide.

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The papers are saying that the vehicle left the road, hit some concrete blocks and burst into flames, with Jose Reyes at the wheel. Focus, direction and singleness of purpose, the exercise of will. Important papers to be signed, legal document, contract, mortgages, a legal will. We now know Boris Johnson was not required to appear before the Magistrate. The charge was dismissed as politically vexatious, and today Boris Johnson was one of the seven candidates selected in the final round for deciding the new PM.

Back soon. This was my card of the day shared on twitter this morning. For anyone not familiar with Twitter, a tweet is a cryptic communication, limited to characters. For precision, there needs to be a context. Refusal to look or move, awaiting rescue. The drama and stress in the ether is Brexit. Of that there is no doubt.

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The figure in the card stands for the mood of many in the UK, the fear, the anger, schadenfreude and finger-pointing that is happening all over the media. This is all of us, stuck, and unable or refusing to get to our feet, and walk out of the cage, picking our way through the gaps between those swords. But I have also learned through practice, that the 8 of Swords may also be making an entirely immediate, practical and concrete reference to a very recent, current or imminent issue to do with drains, damp, plumbing and flooding — and it happens to be the case that a plumber is coming on Saturday to install a new loo and sink.

It is like blindly extending an antenna. Does the card you then get mean anything that is timely and specific enough in meaning to be more than simple coincidence? But the action of a crowd-funded private prosecutor, barrister Marcus Ball, in bringing Boris Johnson in front of a magistrate to face charges of misconduct in public office is simply too precisely timed not to smell well….. Despite the fact that this action has been three years in preparation, according to Mr Ball, who says he is now going to go quiet while he gets on with this unavoidable service to the nation.

Perhaps this funding should be further investigated on principle, in the interests of fair play not only being done, but being seen to be done, following the recent outcry in respect of crowdfunding of the Brexit Party, which has also declared a major private sponsor, Jeremy Hosking. Dirtier by the day. Cartomancy re the BJ situation. Row of 5 cards. Three red suit cards and two black suit cards. This, in classic cartomancy would very likely be read as a yes, though a weak yes if I read it according to the colour method. But I have read Tarot for many more years than I have read playing cards, and have learned through a recent reading on a football question, when I got it wrong using that classic counting method, that I am not necessarily a classical cartomancer, perhaps in consequence of this long Tarot training, and that in my readings, the final card can trump the preceding cards, depending on what that card is, and how powerful a card it is.

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If I read this as an open question, that Ace of Clubs trumps the lot. And it says no conviction of Boris Johnson on grounds of public misconduct. The Aces are the most powerful cards in the deck. The Ace of Spades is the most powerful of all the Aces. It denotes years or even decades for something to happen. The Ace of Hearts denotes months or years, the Ace of Clubs denotes weeks or days, and the Ace of Diamonds days or even hours. Aces of Spades and Diamonds are the Aces that forecast in respect of legal matters, so if I had drawn the Ace of Diamonds, that would read as a yes in answer to the question as stated.

But it may hamper him for at least a few weeks, and perhaps that is the true objective. The favourite rarely wins, historically, and some may rejoice at any spanner in his works, but they are not wise to do so, if it comes at such a cost as this precedent represents; regardless of whether one is a supporter of the Tory Party or Boris Johnson or not. Here is a characteristically forthright tweet from Old Holborn responding to a tweet from Andrew, Lord Adonis:.

Boris Johnson may still be selected as the new PM, I never say never. And he could move this whole situation forward.

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The King of Wands Reversed. Maybe this card has come up in token of him being up-ended with a view to silencing him. Not with a view to Justice. Where is the Justice card? Where is Judgement? The reader looks for the cards which do NOT appear as well as the cards that do. Not only that but apparently he has Venus, Mars and Mercury in Gemini too. The Gemini is archetypal of all of these qualities, but also extremely brave, physically and morally, and while they can be selfish, careless, immature and wasteful, sometimes they are exactly the right key to open a particular door.

Gemini is the jester of the zodiac, but jesters could tell kings the truth like no one else, and still not lose their head. If he got the job of PM. He probably could move Brexit forward to a clear conclusion,no matter what happened after that. Why do I say so? The Two of Cups Reversed. Hinge moment of this legal action. Conversations were had over quiet drinks. They toasted on another. But the parties concerned may not be toasting the outcome. The true objective may be achieved — to help assure BJ does not succeed in a bid to become PM. The Sun card is a moment in the sun.

A crowning. But there will be no real winners. And of course, everyone thinks they are in the right.

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The Eight of Cups. The card at the bottom looks rather like a rear view of the man of the moment, the crowd funded private prosecutor, here to save the day. I vote in line with my response to the prevailing issue as I see it, not along lines of party identification. Because of this new development. Or who will they come for next? I looked recently and did not see there would be a second referendum.

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Or that Article 50 will be revoked. Although the King Of Wands suggests key developments during Leo late July to late August but maybe also …and if so, this would be after the UK should have left on 31 October…. Sagittarius late November to late December. It will take me too long to try and ID the front runner for PM at this stage. There are too many candidates still in the running. Update: I think actually this was not Steve Baker but Rory Stewart who has loomed suddenly large in terms of TV exposure There is a female candidate popping up too, who might make the final three.