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Chinese Horoscope 2019 Wood Snake

All Snakes must be mindful with their tax returns and such, and not overlook legal deadlines. If you are working as an employee, your position might not be secure this year. The silver lining if that if you change work, it might be your growth and to find something better, as you are a bit helped to do so by the Yin Earth of this year Finally as a freelancer you might have to deal with a very competitive market, and being adaptable — even in your pricing — will be the key to go through the year more gracefully.

No matter what your situation is, be careful with your investments this year, native of the Snake. It is not the ideal year to buy something expensive, although some of you could have an opportunity with real estate.

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Again, it depends on your other Pillars…. Look into my monthly Feng Shui membership for an easy method to boost your luck and money through the year!

No surprises here: your health is a sensitive area this year. The direct clash with the Pig could bring ailments, especially relating to your skin or blood. Typically something like a flare of psoriasis, that is connected to both areas, is not out of the question.

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The right Chinese medicine will greatly help you at the time, and acupuncture is your best friend this year. There is also a risk for accident this year: the Snake-Pig clash mostly relate to transport. So be mindful when driving for example and avoid answering your phone at the same time for example.

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Same idea if you are biking. The warning of a Snake-Pig clash is also traditionally to avoid water transports or sports.

Year of the Snake: Chinese Horoscope

Of course, this advice is general and need to be tailored to your Bazi…. Surprisingly, there is one good area for you this year, which is your personal development. This clashing year of the Pig is a great time to get insight into your personal development, and especially to understand your own contradictions. In short, it gives you an opportunity to be your own shrink.

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A bit of isolation and meditation are useful solutions at this time. I also recommend the spiritual practice of Nahualism found in the books of Sergio Magana, especially the masks techniques to disassociate from your problems…Take this challenging year as a great opportunity to become the best version of you.

Personality and characteristics

Although Wood Snakes are still ambitious, status and recognition don't matter as much to them, so they are not nearly as competitive in the pursuit of these things as other Snakes can be. This Snake has a genuinely compassionate heart which is not a very typical trait of this sign in general.

Even when not motivated by such idealistic concerns, the Wood Snake is more social than others and will actually seek out a group of friends rather than just sticking to their families. Whereas other Snakes generally refuse to work unless they can control every aspect of the project, this Snake is more likely to work productively in groups.

Year of the Snake: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Snake Fortune & Personality)

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